Detective Scattergories Quiz – Round 3 Begins Today

Welcome to Round 3! 

I love a great detective story.  If I want to jump start my reading I always pick a mystery and they usually involve a detective.  So, this week I’m looking for great  detectives.  They can come from a standalone book or a series and include private eyes or official detectives in the police force or government.

List up to 10 detectives and the book or series they come from.  The answer only counts if you are the only one who lists it.  If there are repeats no one gets points.

So, you may come up with 10 detectives and get 0 points or give me one title and get 10 points.   Tricky, huh? 

Feel free to browse your own blogs or bestseller lists for ideas.  You have until Thursday night to submit your answers.

10 points per title.

Have fun detecting which ones your competition might list 🙂