Monday Movie Meme – Stranded Top Five

Share on your blog those films you’d most want to have with you and why if you were ever stranded on a desert island. 

Visit the Bumbles to find out what they would take and since Molly and Andy both posted their lists I called Jason to get his list too 🙂

Jason’s List

1. Shawshank Redemption – he could watch it over and over again (and has).

2. Braveheart – same reason

3. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – one of his favorites comedies ever.

4. The Matrix – same as 1 & 2

5. Castaway – for educational purposes.


My List

1. The Sound of Music – I always find this movie comforting and I can sing along.

2. The Philadelphia Story – love the story and the three leads (Hepburn, Grant, Stewart)

3. There’s Something About Mary – I might have chosen Planes, Trains, & Automobiles, but Jason has it and I’m sure we’ll be stranded together!

4. Lord of the Rings- Fellowship of the Ring – I don’t need to have them all to appreciate the awesomeness.  And I need my Strider fix occasionally!

5. Silence of the Lambs – a cautionary tale to be on the lookout for cannibals.