Monday Movie Meme – Heroines

Feature Presentation…MONDAY MOVIE MEME
Time for a little “Girl Power!” There are leading ladies, love interests, eye candy and comediennes – but my favorite roles for actresses are those who take charge and get things done. I’m talking Heroines. Here are our choices for ladies we’d want on our side. Share on your blog women characters from film who know how to save the day, linking back at The Bumbles.
Here are few of my favorite take charge movie heroines
1.  I’ll take Ripley from Alien (1979) in a scrape.  Any scrape.  This woman is tough and smart.  A deadly combination.
2. Clarice Starling from Silence of the Lambs (1991) is another tough cookie who relies on her smarts to catch the bad guy, but knows her way around guns too.
3. Yu Shu Lien from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) is a woman I would like to be friends with and have with me in a fight. 
4. Vianne from Chocolat (2000) uses a more subtle way to bring about change and she does it without changing herself.  This is more how I operate 😉  Oh, and she ends up with Johnny Depp.
5. Chris from Adventures in Babysitting (1987) is my sentimental choice and I always have to include at least one 80’s movie.  I did a little babysitting back in the day and always hoped for a little excitement, but I’m pretty sure I would not have fared as well as Chris did!
Do you have a favorite movie heroine?