War and Peace, by Leo Tolstoy

Cover ImageFinished 4-15-10, rating 4/5, fiction classic, pub. 1869

Most of have been following along as Molly and I have read our way through early 1800’s Russia.  I won’t bore you with trying to recap it all, but I will include links to all of my posts.

A few last thoughts…I knew very little about what to expect and still managed to be surprised by the human drama played out in this novel.  I think I called it soap opera-ish in some parts.  I enjoyed the battle scenes much more than I thought I would.  I love learning about strategy and history and it was told in an interesting way.  Tolstoy knows how to tell a great story and he obviously did his homework for this one.  I liked the book, but hated the epilogue.  It really did not seem to fit with the rest of the book and could have been left out completely, mostly.  It was nice to see what happened with the characters later, but even that was not told in the same way as the rest of the book.

There is much to enjoy and contemplate and it is definitely worth taking a second look, at least the parts I marked and there are lots of marked up pages in my book. 

War & Peace

Max is really into War & Peace

War & Peace & Loss

War & Peace & Natasha

Lots of War and a Little Peace

War & Peace & Moscow

War & Peace & Death

War & Now Peace

War & Peace – The Epilogue

Thanks to Molly for reading with me and thanks to all of you for coming along for the ride 🙂

This is from my personal library and was chosen by Jennifer, Laura, and Angie.  Here’s what they had to say…

“I have not read it in English, however, Tolstoy was a genius when it came to literature and this book will provide you with so many things to think about, this book goes beyond simply war, but happiness, life, and what is necessary.”  Jennifer

“I have had the goal of reading War and Peace since I was 8 years old and saw that Charlie Brown New Years Eve special where Charlie Brown was assigned to read that over Christmas break and had to wheel the book around in a wagon. But, I’ve never gotten around to read it. Maybe if you read it, I will be motivated to read it as well – a peer pressure kind of situation”  Angie

“This one’s on my “bucket list” of books to read before I die. It’s not about the story, it’s about accomplishing the reading task! I got a new hardback copy & Cliff’s notes for my birthday this year.”  Laura

8 thoughts on “War and Peace, by Leo Tolstoy

  1. Janet says:

    Very impressive! Wish I were as motivated as you were to read the book. Thanks for the reviews – it may be as close as I get to reading the book! Now you are free to read a good murder mystery!

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