Monday Movie Meme – Politics

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I do take an active interest in politics and I actually like discussing it with people who are not so convinced that their view is  the only possible correct one.  I mean, come one, if one party was always right they would never get voted out of office!  I could go on, but the reason I don’t really talk about politics here is because people seem to get so crazy (and yes, sometimes that person is me!).  So, talking political movies is a great alternative.  Here are a few of my favorite political movies…
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) – Isn’t Jimmy Stewart the politician we all want on our side?
State of the Union (1946) – Spencer Tracy as the businessman turned politician shows us that the bought and paid for politician is not a new phenomenon.
All the President’s Men (1976) – Two reporters doing their job at great peril.  Who is Deep Throat and how cool of a name is that?
Hotel Rwanda (2004) – A cautionary tale that no matter how mad our politicians may make us we are still blessed.
And for a lighter selection…Protocol (1984) – Goldie Hawn as the clueless politician really made me laugh.