Drew Barrymore was in that? Quiz

I really like watching Drew Barrymore onscreen.  She has such a fun personality and I think she’d be so fun to hang out with.  I’ve listed her characters in the order that I like the movies best with the name of a co-star.  Can you identify the movie?  Leave a comment telling me the # and the name of the movie.  No Googling or looking at other commenter’s answers – that’s cheating and no fun!

1. Danielle De Barbarac (1998) Angelica Huston played her stepmother. Ever After

2. Julie (1998) Adam Sandler was her 80’s love interest.  The Wedding Singer

3. Casey (1996) Neve Campbell was really the star of the show.  Scream

4. Josie Gellar (1999) David Arquette played her cool brother.  Never Been Kissed

5. Dylan Sanders (2000) Cameron Diaz played another third of this trio.  Charlie’s Angels

6. Lucy Whitmore (2004) Adam Sandler is back as her daily love interest.  50 First Dates

7. Gertie (1982)  Henry Thomas played her brother.  E.T.

8. Sophie Fisher (2007) Hugh Grant played her musical partner.  Music & Lyrics

9. Sugar (1995)  Val Kilmer was the star of the show.  Batman Forever

10. Rosie (2009) Robert DeNiro was my favorite part of this movie.  Everybody’s Fine

11. Casey Brodsky (1984) Ryan O’Neal plays her father.  Irreconcilable Differences

12. Sally Jackson (1998) Luke Wilson is the nice guy.  Home Fries

13. Nancy Kendricks (2003) Ben Stiller plays her boyfriend.  Duplex

14. Casey Roberts (1995) Chris O’Donnell plays her love interest.  Mad Love

15. Karen Pomeroy (2001)  Jake Gyllenhaal was the star of this head scratcher.  Donnie Darko

16. Lindsey (2005)  Jimmy Fallon was her feverish love interest.  Fever Pitch

17. Ivy (1992) Tom Skerritt played the naughty father.  Poison Ivy

Last week’s quiz here. Thanks for all of your wonderful answers!  I will be in the French spirit before I ever set foot in Paris 🙂   Current Leaderboard here.  Each correct title worth 6 points.