Fave Film #80 – Romancing the Stone


Cast – Kathleen Turner, Michael Douglas, Danny DeVito

Romance novelist Joan Wilder receives a call from her sister that she needs her to go to Columbia.  As the uptight Joan travels to Columbia she is in danger at every turn and turns to fellow American Jack T. Colton to keep  her safe and get her to her sister.  Only he has bigger plans.

Why I love it – I love a good romance novel and this movie is a perfect homage to the genre.  The heroine (a writer, no less) is forced out of her comfort zone and meets a man who is rough around the edges, but strong.  The two are attracted to each other but fight it, eventually give in and then have a misunderstanding.  But in the end the two live happily ever after.    This movie benefits from the adventure and life or death situation, so it is better than a sappy romance novel – it’s actually campy fun too.

I loved Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner as the leads.  They had great chemistry and were perfect in their roles. 

My favorite lines of the movie

Jack: I couldn’t stop thinking about you.  I even read one of your books.

 Joan: Then you know how they all end.

After the heart of every romance lover 🙂

Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it.

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