Free Books (and a Puzzle) for December

Leave a comment, tell me which book or puzzle you want and I’ll get it to you for FREE either by mail or personally if I’ll see you soon.  The first one to request each book or puzzle wins.  Once you’ve ‘won’ I can get your shipping address if I need it.  Also, you can come back and get a free book every month if you want.  These have all been read a few times.

1. Silent Partner by Jonathan Kellerman – Alex Delaware novel.  Mass Market. Published 1989. 484 pages. Review here.  for Word Lily

2. Kiss Them Goodbye by Stella Cameron. Mass Market. Published 2003. 461 pages. Review herefor Calila

3. Comfort Woman by Nora Okja Keller. Trade Paperback. Published 1997. 213 pages. Review here.  for Em

I love jigsaw puzzles.  I’ll probably offer one a month through the winter months.  I chose this one for December because I think it would be a great one to do with kids home on break.  It has all of the Presidents, even our current one 🙂

4. United States Presidents jigsaw puzzle.  1000 pieces. 24 x 30 inches.  It’s been put together once.  for Jenny

7 thoughts on “Free Books (and a Puzzle) for December

  1. Jenny says:

    My 9 year old daughter and I enjoy spending time working on puzzles together. Thanks for the opportunity to indulge in one of our favorite hobbies.

    Blessings! BTW…got your link from my friend CeeCee at Booksplurge.

    It’s a cool puzzle. I bought it at the James Garfield Memorial at Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland where he is buried with his family.

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