Scandalous Love, by Brenda Joyce

Scandalous Love by Brenda Joyce: Book CoverFinished 12-9-09, rating 3.5/5, historical romance, pub. 1992

“You are the one with no morals, you are the one who would stop at nothing to get what you want.”

Anger flared.  “Wrong.  I warned you not to return here, and you did so at your own risk.  If you did not  come back for what I can give you, then why did you return?”

She gasped, crimson color suffusing her cheeks.  “How arrogant you are!  I came back to tell you what I think of you now that I know  the truth!”

Chapter 4

Nicole Bragg is a free-spirited lady living in relative seclusion in Victorian England after she had the audacity of crying off of her wedding.  On her wedding day.  The scandal has ruined her reputation, but not her independence.  When a rival practically dares her attend a party for the Duke of Clayborough, she arrives and immediately catches the eye of the Duke.  The Duke is looking for a mistress, Nicole a husband.  Nicole always seems to make the situation worse and the Duke is charmed by it.

I love historical romances when they are done well.  I like romance and sexual tension and don’t need sex described to me in detail every other chapter and I can  always count on Brenda Joyce to provide a comfort read for me.  The first half of this one was great and I loved getting lost in it, but he second half not so much.  Nicole never seemed to stop making stupid choices and the Duke turned very stuffy, ruining a great romance for me.  This is still an above average historical romance, but it did have the potential to be so much better.

This was from my personal library.