The Jane Austen Book Club- 2007 movie

Cast – Maria Bello, Emily Blunt, KAthy Baker, Amy Brennenman, Maggie Grace, Hugh Dancy, Jimmy Smits

Five women and one man of varying ages and circumstances form a book club to read all six of Jane Austen’s novels.  As they meet each month their lives intersect with the novel they have read and friendships are forged, relationships destroyed, and insecurities conquered. 

I reviewed the book this movie was based on a few days ago and liked it.  I won’t get into a point by point comparison because the movie truly stands alone.  My biggest complaint was the Prudie storyline because that was the biggest change/addition.  I didn’t care for her in the book and I liked her even less in the movie.

I liked that this was a movie that revered Austen and literature and featured women as the leads.  All of these ladies were phenomenal.  The movie had more warmth than the book mainly because these women gave it more sparkle.  And I’ve never seen Hugh Dancy in anything, but what a cutie! 

To be honest, I don’t think the book storyline is better than the movie.  If I had to choose the movie or the book to recommend I’d probably choose the movie.  Crazy, huh?  Have you seen the movie?  How did it compare to the book for you?

I recorded this movie on my DVR.