The 6th Target, by James Patterson

Cover ImageFinished 6-15-09, rating 3/5, mystery, pub. 2007

This is the 6th book in the Women’s Murder Club series

I dropped my eyes to the victim, a large African American woman, her face mostly covered with an oxygen mask, an IV line running into her arm,  Blood soaked the sheet tucked tightly over her body.

I felt a pain in my chest, my heart catching on a full second before my brain put it together.

The victim was Claire Washburn!

My best friend had been shot on the ferry!

Chapter 4

When a madman goes on a shooting rampage on the ferry Lindsay is called in and she finds Claire a victim.  So, begins another installment of these four friends tackling the bad guys of San Francisco.  While Claire fights for her life in the hospital and Lindsay is on a mission to find the ferry killer, Cindy is having trouble at her new apartment building.  Yuki is charged with the task of prosecuting the killer – a seemingly open and shut case.

On a personal level, Lindsey is back to her detective ways and teamed up with a new partner, the ladies man Conklin.  And she is having problems with Joe.  Problems I never really understood, but, oh well.

My complaint about this series hasn’t changed all that much.  The relationship between the women is off and that doesn’t really seem to get better.  But after reading the 5th book a day before this one, I can say that I was pleasantly surprised to find the writing not nearly so off putting.  I think the writing was better and yet I liked it less.  Go figure.  For me there were a few too many things going on in this one.  It was still a page turner, but I’m writing this two days later and I can barely remember it.  It was good, but not memorable.