Book Sale Quiz with Prize!



Yesterday I went the Case Western University book sale and out of the thousands of books, a whole gym full, I managed to come home with these…

book sale

So, here’s the quiz- I am choosing ten of these books and listing the first line from them.  In your comment guess EACH ONE.  You only need to list the title.  I came home with multiple books by Anne Tyler and Jeffery Deaver, but will only include one of their books in the quiz.

For the first person to get THEM ALL CORRECT they will receive an $17 gift card for Barnes & Noble (on-line or store).  That’s $1 for every book I brought home 🙂  Come back and guess as many times as you need to win!

1. Mma Ramotswe had a detective agency in Africa, at the foot of Kgale Hill. – The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

2. My name is Eva, which means “life,” according to a book of names my mother consulted. – Eve Luna

3. When does murder begin? – Blood Memory

4. His face wet with sweat and with tears, the man runs for freedom, he runs for his life. – The Twelfth Card

5. Each of us has a private Austen – The Jane Austen Book Club

6. Already by her twentieth birthday, my grandmother was an excellent midwife, in great demand. – Charms for the Easy Life

7. My suffering left me sad and gloomy. – Life of Pi

8. She was his first wife, but at the moment he first saw her she was a seventeen-year-old girl named Arlyn Singer who stood out on the front porch on an evening that seemed suspended in time. – Sklylight Confessions

9. It is said that in death, all things become clear; Ensei Tankado now knew it was true. – Digital Fortress

10. While Pearl Tull was dying, a funny thought occurred to her. – Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant