5th Horseman, by James Patterson

Cover ImageFinished 6-14-09, rating 3.5/5, mystery, pub. 2006

5th book in the Women’s Murder Club series

In the 1820’s, a couple of sweethearts named Burke and Hare were in the cadaver procurement business.  For a while, they dug up bodies for sale to Edinburgh’s medical schools – until they realized how easy it was to produce fresh corpses by grabbing live victims and sitting on their chests until they died.

Burking was still in good standing today.  Postpartum mommies do it to their kids more often than you’d ever want to know.  Slip the child between the mattress and box spring, sit on the bed.

If you can’t expand your chest, you can’t breathe.

Chapter 12

 Lindsay, Claire, Cindy, and Yuki are back in a drama that starts with patients dying in the hospital at an alarming rate and continues with young escorts being murdered, dressed up and left in fancy cars to be found.  Right from the beginning it turns personal, when Yuki’s mother is admitted into the hospital that is being sued for malpractice and becomes one of the victims of a hospital murderer.  If you are already scared of going to the hospital, this book will not help you.

Lindsay is having her own doubts about her promotion and asks to be put back on the street, but her boss says no.  Sexy Joe is back and more lovable than ever.  Considering we’ve had little time to get to know Yuki, it’s too bad this book did not show her in any other condition than mourning and depression. 

I liked the storylines and how the two big cases worked together.  This was more about the cases than the women.

This one did strike me as more poorly written than the others – and that’s saying something.  The language and banter were beyond cheesy and it was hard to find a sentence over 5 words or a paragraph with 5 sentences.  After a hundred pages or so I was able to laugh at the absurd conversations and lack of any depth and just enjoy the story. 

This series is not a favorite of mine, but they are page-turners and quick reads.  And summer is the perfect time for those.  Come back tomorrow for my review of The 6th Target.