Lethally Blonde, by Kate White

Cover ImageFinished 6-13-09, rating 3.5/5, mystery, pub. 2007

Book #5 in the Bailey Weggins mystery series

It all started with a coincidence.  Not one of those totally creepy coincidences that make you feel as if someone has just walked across your grave.  In fact, later I could see that the phone call I got that late summer night wasn’t all that unexpected – but at the time it made me catch my breath.  And, of course, it was the start of everything horrible that happened…

first paragraph

Bailey Weggins is a chic New York gal in her 30’s with a fun job and a revolving door of hot men.  She also seems to find trouble and danger if there is any to be found.  In this latest installment she is contacted by a hunk from her past, who just happens to be the next big It guy in a new prime time tv show.  Chris is worried that his friend and fellow actor, Tom, has disappeared.  The police aren’t too concerned about it and he knows that Bailey is a great one to get to the bottom of the things.  Bailey agrees to help and the two also fall back into bed together.  As her inquiries lead to a dead body, spooky calls, druggings, and more death, Bailey wonders if she’s in over her head.

I liked that this mystery took her away from her job at the magazine a bit and we were able to get a better feel for the city.  This was perfect for me since I picked it up and started reading it while in New York. 

Bailey is fun.  She is the hip New Yorker that you’d want to be friends with and share juicy stories.  And the mystery is good too- I didn’t have any idea until very close to the reveal at the end.  Not only is her ex Chris back, but another ex, Beau, is back and looking Bailey’s way.  Not sure how much bed hopping is appropriate, but it was close to my limit.  If you’ve never been the big town girl with a cool job, mysteries to solve, and attractive men in your bed then Bailey is just what you need.  Live vicariously through her.