Fave Film #1 – The Philadelphia Story

I’m more likely to watch a favorite movie again and again before I’d read a favorite book again.  Maybe it’s because a favorite movie takes less time or I can share the time with a friend.  

If I have an author interview I’ll post it on a Friday, but if I don’t have an interview I’m going to watch a favorite movie and do a little feature.  Maybe it’s a favorite of yours too, or maybe you’ll discover one that you just have to see.   Although my list is not in exact order I’m going to start at the top for this first one.

The Philadelphia Story with Grant Grant1940 

Cast- Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, James Stewart

 James Stewart won  the Best Lead Actor for his role.

Tracy Lord (Hepburn) is about to marry for the second time.  Her first husband, CK Dexter Haven (Grant), is hoping to meddle just enough to stop the wedding.  Writer Macaulay Connor (Stewart) and photographer Liz Imbrie (Ruth Hussey) are called in to secretly cover the wedding for a tabloid magazine.  Tracy must face the truth about herself before she can face her wedding day.

Why I love it– The cast from the big three (Hepburn, Grant, Stewart) to the smallers players like Uncle Willie and sister Dinah are superb.  The acting shines.  The quick and witty dialogue will keep you sharp, wanting to know what the next gem will be.  And just as importantly, the movie had something to say.  This was a movie about classes and imperfections, about being human.  It’s about making mistakes and not only being forgiven, but loved for them. 

I watched this again last night and I loved it just as much as ever.  There was only one scene I felt was written by a man in the 1930’s.  It was the one between Tracy and her father about why men cheat.   I actually hadn’t remembered it, but last night it made me so mad!  Imagine a father blaming his own daughter for his philandering! 

Here’s a peak at a scene between a drunk Connor and patient Haven.  I love both of these leading men.  I’ve read that this movie required no retakes and this scene in particular had some ad-libs.  The hiccup was not planned.  See what happens.

This is being shown on the Turner Classic Movie channel on June 28th at 8 pm.