Tom Hanks Was In That? Quiz

Tom Hanks - 288 x 340This weekend we saw the movie Angels & Demons and while I liked the movie it was not one of my favorite Tom Hanks movies.  This week’s quiz answers are my 10 favorite Hanks films.  I’ll give you the character he played and the year it came out.  Leave a comment telling me the # and the name of the movie.  No Googling – that’s cheating and no fun!

1. 2002 – Michael Sullivan (also starred Paul Newman)Road to Perdition , Barbara

2. 1986 – Walter Fielding Jr. (also starred Shelley Long) – The Money Pit , Barbara

3. 1992 – Jimmy Dugan (Also starred Madonna)A League of Their Own , Barbara

4. 1998 – Capt. John H. Miller (Also starred Vin Diesel) – Saving Private Ryan , Jo-Jo

5. 1984 – Allen Bauer (Also starred John Candy) Splash , Kathy

6. 1993 – Sam Baldwin (Also starred Meg Ryan) Sleepless in Seattle , Kathy

7. 1994 – Forrest Gump (I don’t think you need any more help!) Forrest Gump , Kathy

8. 1989 – Det. Scott Turner (Also starred Mare Winningham) – Turner & Hooch , Kathy

9. 1988 – Josh Baskin (Also starred Elizabeth Perkins)Big , Barbara

10. 1998 – Paul Edgecomb (Also starred Michael Clarke Duncan)The Green Mile , Barbara

Don’t see your favorite Tom HAnks movie on here?  Which one is yours?

9 thoughts on “Tom Hanks Was In That? Quiz

  1. bermudaonion says:

    I thought I knew Tom Hanks better than this! I only recognize 3 of them. 5 is Splash, 6 is Sleepless in Seattle and 7 is Forrest Gump, of course.

    My husband is a big fan so I have seen all of his movies, except for Terminal. Somehow I missed that one!

  2. Jo-Jo says:

    Hmmm…I think that no. 4 is Saving Private Ryan. I have always enjoyed Tom Hanks movies but I didn’t really care of the Da Vinci Code so I’m thinking that I probably wouldn’t like Angels and Demons either.

    Well, it was better than the Da Vinci Code film, but was a lot less like the book!

  3. robo1936 says:

    The Money Pit is my favourite because I love comedy. When he brings down the scaffilding round the house and all the workmen scattering to get out of danger was hilarious and of course the wonderful Shelley Long was in it which made my day.

    I saw this movie recently again and it was just as funny now 🙂

  4. jennygirl says:

    I just saw Angels and Demons last night, and thought it ws much better than Da Vinci Code. Hanks was better too. All things considered I liked it. Much much better than the first one.

    Oh yes, the Money Pit…oldie but a goodie!

  5. Wrighty says:

    These were great, I love Tom Hanks! Apparently I didn’t pay attention to his name in most of these because I didn’t recognize all of them even though I saw the movie. He was such a riot in A League if Their Own and especially The Money Pit. I loved when the turkey shot out of the oven and the bathtub fell through the floor! I think I need to watch that one again!

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