Dead Sleep by Greg Iles

Cover ImageFinished 5-10-09. rating 4/5, fiction, pub. 2001

The paintings look modern for the most part, or what my idea of modern is, anyway.  A lot of stark color arranged in asymmetrical patterns, but it means little to me.  I’ve been called an artist-often during attacks by purist photojournalist-but that doesn’t qualify me as a judge of art.  I’m not even sure I know it when I see it.

Chapter 3

Renowned photojournalist Jordan Glass has been everywhere, with much of that time spent in the most dangerous, war-torn places on earth.  Her father, winner of two Pulitzers, died while obtaining his last award winning shot in Cambodia during the Vietnam War.  At least the world believes that, but Jordan is not convinced.  Jordan is in Hong Kong when she comes face to face with a painting of her, apparently dead.  The popular collection of ‘Sleeping Women’ at first thought to be women in repose is now rumored to be dead women.  Jordan is thrown because she knows she is not looking into the mirror, but at the face of her twin sister who has been missing for over a year.

As Jordan races back to New York and the seller of the portraits, she contacts the FBI for help.  As it becomes obvious that Jordan’s life could be in danger the FBI bring her in to help with the investigation.  The case takes Jordan home to New Orleans, where her sister’s husband and two children still live.

The action is non stop, the characters have depth, and the mystery is top notch.  The paintings and the possibility that the women may be dead haunted me just as the possibility did Jordan.  The spooky vibe and the sexual tension between Jordan and FBI Agent John Kaiser keep the book operating on  all cylinders.  This is a great thriller and I look forward to reading more from Greg Iles.

I won’t give away the ending, but I will say that I liked it, but didn’t love it for a few reasons I can’t say without saying too much.  But that is only the difference between a 4 and 4.5, so obviously I loved it!  It is wonderfully original story with a strong woman leading the way.