Angels & Demons (2009 movie)

17 Again PosterMy husband and I went to the first showing today and we both enjoyed it.  We also both thought it was much better than The Da Vinci Code (movie), mainly because it moved at a brisk pace.  Of course, this fast pace made light of every event in the book.  I found the scenes that were the most detailed were ones not in the book at all!

Anyway, you know right from the first scene with Robert Langdon that the movie is not going to follow the book.  After the first scene I turned to my husband and commented that they skipped a good fourth or fifth of the book right from the get go.  And the changes did not stop there.  It would be quicker to tell you what was the same as opposed to what was different from the book.  But, I just the read the book this year so it was fresh in my mind.

But, the movie was good.  I loved the Italy backdrop and enjoyed revisiting the country we just visited last year.  Made me want to go back, but that’s a different post.  I will say without giving too much away that I disliked the ending of the movie.  To me, the book was so much better and there was no reason to change it.  My husband said the change was due to a time crunch, but I believe they made a story choice and I did not like it!

So, if you liked the Da Vinci Code or liked the book, I think you will like the movie.  Tell me what you think after you see it!  Or, you can leave a comment just to say hi:)