Yesterday I Saw the Sun, by Ally Sheedy

Yesterday I Saw the Sun: Poems by Ally SheedyFinished 5-22-09, rating 3/5, poetry, pub. 1991

Yesterday I saw the sun.  Something in my head had cleared

And I realized there was one.

And I stopped in its Light

From somewhere in the bushes I was hearing heaving sight

And realizing they came from me

I took a breath

and closed my eyes.

I breathed in the River

Breathed the trees

Breathed all around the sky

and in the wind I breathed my God

Who had not let me die.

from the poem There’s Been a Slight Mistake- Rehab 3 a.m.

I grew up watching The Breakfast Club more times than I could possibly count, so I guess you could say I am an Ally Sheedy fan.  And I found this used autographed hardcover at a bookstore and had to have it.  I love autographed books even if I’m not a huge poetry fan.  I don’t know why I feel the need to explain why I have the book.  But moving on…

This is Sheedy’s second book of poetry (her first was She Was Nice To Mice published when she was 12) and it pulls no punches in its honesty.  The topics range from bulimia, addiction, abuse, to abortion.  The writing is raw and it reaches out and grabs you, makes you pay attention.  I didn’t love them all, but most really did touch a nerve and I think could touch many teens today with such an honest look at growing up and its pitfalls.

If you are a frequent poetry reader, this may not be the book for you.  Do you remember the poetry you wrote in high school?  This is it.  I believe her own words describe this book better that I can.

I hate profound poems and

complicated imagery.

Everything about me is quick and salty and easily digested.

Very simple.

from the poem  Junk Food.  Or I Am Not A Corn Chip

If you are a fan, pick it up.  If you have a teen or young adult with a few of these issues they may get something from this book.