9 in ’09 with Carla Neggers

This Friday New York Times bestselling author, Carla Neggers, has graciously agreed to answer 9 questions.  She has written over 50 books and 10 best sellers.  I have reviewed The Widow and The Angel. 

Carla graduated magna cum laude from Boston University and lives with her husband in Vermont.  You can visit her website for more information, http://www.carlaneggers.com

I met Carla last May at a book signing here in Cleveland (photo below).  She was charming and gracious enough to spend an hour answering our questions.  When I contacted her yesterday about doing this interview she contacted me and answered my questions within 24 hours.  Thank you Carla! 

1. I loved the Ireland setting for The Angel and I know it was inspired, at least in part, by a family vacation.  Have any other of your travels shown up in your books?
Ireland’s incredible. I can’t wait to go there again! I’ve been to almost every place my books have been set. One of my early mainstream novels, BETRAYALS, is being reissued in March (with a stunning new cover), and part of it is set in southern France. Where I’ve never been. I must go, don’t you think? Many of my books are set in New England, where I live, so that’s easy; and Boston is “my” city. THE RAPIDS, one of the books in my “U.S. Marshals” series, is partly set in Holland. My father was Dutch, and I have many first cousins there. In fact, we’re heading to Holland this summer for a visit…via London and Paris. 😉
2. You have written so many books.  Would you consider any of the characters favorites or more personal to you? 
Every character is an individual to me. I can see them — they’re no more interchangeable in my mind than my six brothers and sisters are to me. Right now, I’m totally taken with the Rush family in THE MIST. They own boutique hotels and have a penchant for spying. And the Davenports…Will Davenport makes a brief appearance in THE ANGEL but takes center stage in THE MIST. He and Lizzie Rush have to stop an American billionaire bent on violent revenge.
3. You are a New York Times bestselling author.  What advice do you have for other writers who are trying to achieve that goal?
Focus on writing the best book you can. There’s an old saying that a good book is a writer’s triumph and a bestseller is a publisher’s triumph. And celebrate every milestone on the way. Don’t wait to make the bestseller lists to break out the champagne!
4.  Do you read reviews of your books, in print or online, and how do they affect you?
Everyone appreciates a compliment! 
5.  Do you have any rituals or routines when you are writing?
I try never to eat at the computer. 🙂 
6.  I love quotes.  Do you have a favorite?
I have two mottos. One is from the Tao: “Let life ripe and fall, force is not the way at all.” The other is from a friend: “Anxiety focuses the mind.” They’re not as contradictory as you might think!
7.  What are you reading right now?
THE MEMORIST by M.J. Rose. It’s fabulous! 
8.  If you were placed in the life of one fictional character who would you choose?
One who lives happily ever after!
9.  And finally, what are you working on now?
I’m writing COLD RIVER, the sequel to COLD PURSUIT — which has my first-ever true cliffhanger ending. We know “whodunit” but we don’t know the mastermind behind the killers. COLD RIVER is set in Vermont in the middle of winter…so research is easy. I’m going cross-country skiing on my lunch hour today. Research!
For a complete list of Carla’s books, click here.