What I Learned Today

 I saw this done on another blog (sorry, but I don’t remember where) and thought I’d steal the idea for today.  I used the Go To a Random Blog button and tried to learn at least one thing from each before I moved on.  I went 10 places and you can see what happened.  It was interesting to say the least.

On MyCoffeBreaks every post was written in a language I didn’t know except one.  The one written in English?  Lyrics to Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt. 

From Katara I learned the rules for a good, clean fight with my husband.

At Princess and Bear Go to the Movies the last 8 posts were reviews for various Friday the 13th movies.  I realized that maybe I am the only person in the world who has never seen any of them.

From Index Beating  I learned that a blog can sound just like my husband when he’s talking about work…oil, indexes, subprime, trades…

Over at Projecy Progeny  I learned the travails of a working mom and the struggle with infertility.

At Secret Angel Cat I learned about Tigerfeet, a 24 year old Tauren who loves chocolate ice cream and blackberries.

CashMattress’s Weblog  has 400 members and offers  $10 prizes for things like completing the most offers?

The Desert Duck is a funny blog written by an elementary school teacher.  I enjoyed the stories about her students.  This was my favorite of the 10.

http://bookwyrmknits.wordpress.com/ has lots of info and photos for knitters.  My favorite photo was of cute kitty, Suzy. 

 From Where is Olga?  I learned that Olga has been quite a few places.   It’s organized and easy to find specific places.  She includes lots of photos.

Go ahead and try it.  See what you can learn today 🙂