Our Anniversary Weekend

It shouldn’t come as a shock for those of you who regularly read my blog that Jason and I met in a bookstore.  I was an assistant manager at the B Dalton at Ballston in Arlington, Virginia, and his buddy in the Navy worked there part-time.  We met, had a few dates, and I knew I had found someone very special. 

We took a trip to Italy earlier this year that we called our 10 year anniversary trip, but decided we would mark the day with a trip down memory lane.  It’s been a little over 10 years since we lived in the DC area and when we left the house we didn’t even take a map.  Our first stop was the bookstore where we met.  I did become store manager eventually and I was disappointed to see that the place has really let itself go!

We drove by where my first apartment should have been, but it has been razed to make room for condos.  We found our first place together and marvelled at how far we’d come on 10 years! 

We found a sports bar to watch the Ohio State – Michigan State football game, which was a tricky thing on an anniversary weekend.  You all know I’m a Buckeye. but Jason is a Spartan and we are both trash talkers during the game.  So, the best thing I can say about the game is that we made it through, love intact.

I love the Metro system.  I love visiting places that have good public transportation.  We took the metro to the Mall and visited a few Smithsonians, the WWII memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and rode the Carousel like two kids 🙂  We basically acted like goofy tourists and had a fantastic time. 

We visited a favorite place for both of us, the Arlington Cemetery and saw the Changing of the Guard, Lee’s House, and spent some time getting lost in the history and the sacrifice that have made this country great.

Ten years ago, when I left the DC area, I was following my soon-to-be-husband to where he needed to be.  I might still be there if not for Jason and it was so nice to go back.  Before any of our DC friends become offended that we didn’t call, let me say that we did not call anyone.  It was a few days just for us.  I’ll be back soon, I hope, and I’ll be calling you all to put me up for a night 🙂

I have to add this photo of the cool dog that we saw at the WWII Memorial.  He was posing for pictures for anyone who wanted to take them.  How cute is he?!

6 thoughts on “Our Anniversary Weekend

  1. bermudaonion says:

    It sounds like a wonderful weekend. DC is one of my favorite place to visit and I love the metro, too. Carl’s parents are only a few hours from DC, so you’d think we’d make it up there more often. Can’t wait to see the pictures. Good luck with the new computer – what a pain.

    The computer is here, but I have to wait for Jason to help me set it up. As the OSU-MSU game was ending the Virginia Tech fans came in to take over. I really do love the DC area and we came close to moving back a few years ago, but here we are in Cleveland. Go figure.

  2. virginie says:

    It is lovely idea to go back where you met. I bet it was a really special weekend full of memories. I wish I can do that one day with Eric too.

    It was wonderful. I just got back home with our new computer, but I need to wait for Jason to set it up. Hopefully I’ll get the pics posted tonight.

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