H is For Homicide by Sue Grafton

H Is for Homicide H is For Homicide. Finished audio 8-12-20, 3/5 stars, mystery, pub. 1991

Kinsey Millhone series 1-A is for Alibi, 2-B is for Burglar, 3- C is for Corpse, 4- D is for Deadbeat  5-E is for Evidence 6-F is for Fugitive 7-G is for Gumshoe

It started with the murder of Kinsey Millhone’s sometime drinking buddy, an insurance claims adjuster. But before long Kinsey stumbles onto a massive insurance scam. Going undercover as a wisecracking vamp, Millhone descends into the Los Angeles nether world of machismo and gang hideouts. Her companion, terrified at having crossed the violent crook Raymond Maldonado, is Bibianna Diaz — no Girl Scout herself.   from Goodreads

I love Kinsey and this one was okay, but she did seem to reach beyond her talents by going undercover, inadvertently really, for the police.  I was worried for her, but also questioned why she didn’t just walk away from a very dangerous situation.  I really like this series, even though some of it feels dated.  Kinsey is ahead of her time so she remains just right for any time period.


5 thoughts on “H is For Homicide by Sue Grafton

  1. Les in OR says:

    I’ve only read (listened to on audio, actually) the first in this series. It didn’t really grab me and it did feel dated. Now that I’m caught up on the Louise Penny books, I think I’ll try another series. I’m not sure about this one, but Deborah Crombie’s are appealing to me, so I may go with those.

    Have a great weekend. Stay safe!

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