This Blessed Mess: Finding Hope Amidst Life’s Chaos by Patricia Livingston

This Blessed Mess: Finding Hope Amidst Life's Chaos This Blessed Mess. Finished 8-7-20, inspirational, 5/5 stars, 141 pages, pub. 2000

This is a book about struggle. It is about how struggle overtakes us without our permission. It is about what lies within struggle and beyond it. It is about what we can do with struggle and what it can do with us. Material for this book has been gathering in me for thirty-five years, since I first faced reality as a young adult and strained to comprehend the dynamics of life’s difficulty. I write out of my experience, recognizing clearly that my life has been far less painful than the lives of so many around the world and across time. This book is simply an expression of my effort to understand my own events, shared in the hope that it might speak to the lives of others. A collection of what is especially meaningful to me is offered here–insights and images from my own life, from study and conversation, from songs and books. Mostly there are stories. All of them point to the same thing: Life is filled with struggle. Struggle is filled with Love. Life is, as the title says, “This Blessed Mess.”   from Goodreads

I used this as my morning devotional and it is a perfect read for this time in history, even though it was published in 2000.  I mean it’s all about dealing with chaos and it speaks to the crazy times we’re living in.  Livingston tells stories about her own chaos and how that led her to new discoveries and insight.  This would be beneficial for any woman, but especially those who like their inspirational stories told from a Christian viewpoint.

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