This Week (or is it last week?)

I’d like to have these posted on Saturday, but even with me getting up at 6 in the morning it obviously didn’t happen yesterday.

Fave pic

IMG_3127 On Monday Gage and I tried a local restaurant that had so many choices for him.  We shared this plate of gluten-free fries (so much harder to come by than you think) and then he ordered a hamburger, but he could have had a gluten AND dairy free pizza and any number of other sandwiches.  Can you tell how excited I am about this?

Highlights of the week

Having Gage home from school and Jason taking lots of time off at the end of the year and two days this week.  I don’t remember Jason ever taking this much time off (with breaks to deal with clients as needed).  Lots of being at home as a family is always a good thing.

Gage had a day (6 1/2 hours) at Lego camp.  Followed by a day with 2 different play dates totaling 5 1/2 hours.  That’s after starting the week with a bowling/arcade morning with a group of 6 boys.  I’m not sure how interested he is in going back to school on Tuesday.

Also, I started a new year of challenges.  This month I start getting up at 6 every day.

Could’ve been better

I’ve got no complaints about the start of this decade.  Oh wait!  It’s the 5th and I haven’t finished a book!  It’s probably all that family time I’m so happy about 🙂

Currently reading

Liars' Legacy Hands Up Our Better Angels: Seven Simple Virtues…

Currently listening

The Complaints

Received in the mail

Title: Stay, Author: Catherine Ryan Hyde (a win from Vicki at I’d Rather Be At The Beach)


Movies watched

Self/less DVD Release Date | Redbox, Netflix, iTunes, Amazon

Plans for the rest of weekend

Not sure what we’ll be up to when Gage gets back from Grandma’s house.

What about you?

I’m linking up with theSunday Salonthis week.




15 thoughts on “This Week (or is it last week?)

  1. Cleo @ Mysteries and Memoirs says:

    Your little boy is so adorable! Glad he can find restaurants that cater to special dietary needs. Your Taylor Stevens book sounds good to me. I love mysteries and suspense. I’ve read an article about her past before (what a horror show!) but kudos to her for her turnaround and storytelling. Thanks for sharing this.

    • stacybuckeye says:

      She did have a very interesting childhood. When she first introduced herself to me (we were in line together and I had no idea who she was) she said she was Taylor Stevens the author not the porn star and I was charmed from the get go 🙂 Apparently if you google her name it’s mainly the porn star. Who knew?

  2. Literary Feline says:

    I imagine you will be giving that restaurant some good business! 🙂 I am glad it has so many options for Gage. That is a real find! Sounds like Gage had a busy but fun week. I haven’t finished a book yet, so you aren’t alone, Stacy. I am glad you have had so much family time. It makes it worth it, I think. I hope you have a great week next week and Gage’s first day back to school goes well. I know Mouse isn’t too excited about going back tomorrow. 😦

  3. Diane says:

    Great picture! I love finding new places to eat that you can’t wait to return to! Have a great week – glad you got in some good family time.

  4. Deb Nance at Readerbuzz says:

    It’s wonderful to get to spend time as a family, I think. We were always so fortunate that my husband worked only five minutes away, and that he was able to come home every day for lunch.

    I’ve seen a lot of good reviews for Stay. I hope you enjoy it as much as others have.

    Have a lovely week.

  5. gulfsidemusing says:

    What a great start to 2020! Gage is growing up so quickly… all of a sudden he looks so much older. I finished my first book of the year today, and I’m sure you will very soon, too. In the meantime, enjoy all that family time!

  6. Carol Evans says:

    Sounds like it was a great holiday break for all of you.
    Waking up at 6 every day sounds tough, at least it would be for me.

  7. hmsgofita says:

    The break was so nice! Glad you all had a fun time together. My hubby takes two weeks off and we just relax over Christmas and then head out of town for New Year’s.

    Good luck with your new challenges this year!

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