This Week – Snow is here to stay

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It snowed much of last weekend and it was the big snowflake, movie kind of snow.  Just beautiful.  It’s supposed to be another snowy weekend.

Highlights of the Week  We had dinner out with friends, followed by a 4th grade basketball game and then ice cream.  It was fun being back in a gym watching kids play basketball.  I wasn’t too many years older when I played.  IMG_3236  It was Gage’s movie night at school.  I worked the drink table so the kids kept me busy.  The kids are always so excited and it’s fun to see them with siblings and parents.  I also completed my 4 hour manager training for the Ohio primaries at the beginning of March.


Finished This Week  Title: Keep This Toss That: Unclutter Your Life to Save TIme, Money, Space, and Sanity, Author: Jamie Novak (review) IMG_E3283

Currently Reading Liars' Legacy Our Better Angels: Seven Simple Virtues… Morning Meditations: Awaken Your Power …

Listening To Exit Strategy (Nick Mason, #2)  Last week I started the Ruth Bader Ginsberg audio and really liked it, BUT it was too hard to appreciate with short trips around town.  I will be giving it another try when I have some real time on the road.

Received in the Mail Title: Home Truths: A Novel, Author: Susan Lewis

Library Book Sale Finds IMG_3285

Documentaries Watched American Factory poster.jpg

This Weekend  Jason and I will head to the movies tomorrow, but I’m not sure what we’ll see.  Any recommendations?