A look back, March 2010

In January I began a Kay inspired Bookish Nostalgia feature that I call A look back. I’m revisiting my 2010 blogging life and see what was going on. So far, this has been a lot of fun!  If you care to revisit your own blog in March 2010 and want to share your favorite post, I’ll add it here.

In March 2010, I posted 23 times, reviewed 6 books, watched 6 movies, gave away 4 books and 1 puzzle, posted 4 quizzes, participated in 3 movie memes, wrote 4 War & Peace updates, and received 5 awards (I must say that I’m glad that those awards are not as prevalent these days).  I even called for book donations for a worthy cause.

My favorite pictures come from my favorite post, Walking San Francisco.  It was so fun to read about the trip since I had forgotten about our plane woes both to and from San Francisco.  Jason was there for a work conference so I spent much of the time exploring on my own. Love that city!






I sat at the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park sipping my jasmine tea and contemplating motherhood, since I had only known I was pregnant for a few days.






We made it just in time to catch some of the Chinese New Year parade!







Gage is with us, barely  😉 Me, a bazillion pounds ago, and Jason, who never gains an ounce!

Favorite movie Walle-E

Grade A.  Endearing Robot Saves 2805 Earth.

Favorite Book(s) – the Deadly series by Brenda Joyce.  I did a re-read of this romantic suspense series that I liked so much set in 1902 New York. I reviewed books 6-8 of the 9 book series this month, Deadly Kisses, Deadly Illusions, Deadly Promise.

So, please share!  What was happening on your blog or what were you reading in March 2010?