Amish Trip and First Quiz of the new round

Last week Jason and I were able to sneak away to send the night in Amish country.  Holmes County, an hour and a half from here, has the third largest Amish population in America.  We stopped at a winery for a tastingIMG_6163  before arriving at our very own treehouse! IMG_6167 IMG_6175It was very cool. We called to get the lock code and never saw another soul while we were there, even though there were two other treehouses on the property. As I looked at the book that everyone signs when they stay there I found out that there was money hidden in all the nooks and crannies. Some people found over $14, we only found $1.89, lol.

IMG_6197This was a relatively common sight as was lots of bicyclists on the country highway.  We also made a 10 minute side trip to see the World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock IMG_6208which was sort of a bust since it wasn’t working due to the cold or rain BUT we happened upon this gem, IMG_6213a train hotel!  I can’t wait to take Gage back to stay 🙂  IMG_6173We did some furniture shopping and good eatin’ and came home to a sick boy 😦  He’s still battling an ear infection.

I still haven’t gotten the prizes mailed out for he last quiz round but they are sitting here on my desk, waiting for a trip to the post office. I was working on a quiz on the Amish in literature and movies, but think it will work best if we do an open ended quiz for this one.

List up to 5 novels or movies about the Amish.

Sounds easy, right?  I’ll be giving extra points if you guess the same as someone else.  The more people that answer the same thing, the more points you earn.  I’ve got my list of 5 right here, so let’s get started.  Leave your answers as a comment 🙂  I’ll periodically hide them so there’s no temptation to cheat 🙂