Sundays with Gage – A day in the life of my 3 year old

I’d been thinking about doing a post like this for a while and then I saw Trish’s and was spurred into action. I hadn’t planned on using so many photos but I loved her post so much that I was clicking my iPhone all day.  Hers was a day in the life of a mom and maybe I’ll do that too, but this is a day in the life of Gage.  It was last Monday. Gage has no typical day, each day brings different sessions or therapy or play time, so Monday was as good a day as any.

2 am-“Daddy!”  Mom comes in a stays til 2:40 when she sneaks back into her own bed.

7:05 am- Daddy got me out of bed, took me to the potty, helped brush my teeth.  Mom gave me breakfast (almond milk, cereal, strawberries) and let me watch a video from the library. It was Mr. Rogers.day1

7:41 am- Mom and I leave for school. I like to count school buses on the way. 12 today.day2

7:54 am School! See the cute girl in the cubby next to mine?  Snack was raisins, pretzels and juice that mom sent.day3

10:30 am Mom picks me up.  Mom hears how I “really like” Lila and how she didn’t appreciate my chopping her head with my hands.  Hey, I thought she’d like it!day4

10:47 am- We’re home and I get to play.day8

11 am-My friend Betsy comes to play and teach me stuff.day6

11:50 am- Mom brings lunch and visits for 5 minutesday7

12:35 pm-Betsy takes me outside.

12:42 pm-We come inside because I hate the sound of that lawnmower next door.

1:05 pm-Betsy leaves. (Session with Betsy was a little rough.  I tend to bite or hit after we’ve gone to BW-3.  They say their fries are gluten free but they are not.)

1:15 pm- Mom makes me try a nap. I try really hard.

1:40 pm- Light on!  Play time.

1:55 pm-Hit mom. Timeout.  I blame in on BW-3 and gluten. At least that what mom says.

2:10 Leave for Occupational Therapy

2:15- Arrive at OT and play with kids in the waiting room.He was nice but I like Max when I come on Wednesdays better.day11

2:30- Session with Myshl.day12

3:20 -Session over. I did a good job.

3:35- Arrive at the park for a snack.I wish Mom would quit taking pictures.day13

3:45- Nature walk/Scavenger hunt to the Community Center. I had to collect 6 blades of grass, 3 rocks, 2 flowers. 5 leaves.day14

4- Community Center/Kid Zoneday15

4:30- Leave Kid Zone (There were no other kids today.  I like it when there are other kids to play with.)

4:40- Get back to car.

4:55- Back home for some snacks (crackers) and trains.

5:30- Sesame Street and fun.  It’s the pogo stick episode so we practice jumping and rolling 🙂day16day17

5:50- Daddy’s home early!!day18

6:25- Dinnerday 19

6:40-Timeout for spilling Mom’s drink all over the table.  No playground tonight 😦

6:50- Done with dinner. Crying fit over not being able to go to playground.

7- iPad and Daddy time.day20

7:45- Cookies and almond milk and books!  Tonight I chose Cat Heaven, Huff and Puff, and We Work at the Hospital.  We also read my Children’s Bible.

8- Brush teeth and change for bed.day21

8:06- Lights outday22

8:16- Asleep