Our road trip to Vermont

Thought I’d share some camera phone pics from our road trip up to Vermont, first vacation sans Gage 🙂

We stopped in Westfield, New York, for lunch. Ate a a cute local diner and then decided to take a walk through the neighborhood before getting back on the road. As we were walking through this cute residential neighborhood, we saw this

IMG_3815Really?  I stopped, curious.  Jason refused to even acknowledge what he was seeing until I said I was going in and then he refused to come with me into some stranger’s house just because there was a sign in the yard. (I blame this on The Never List that we were listening to in the car)  Well, as soon as he refused I was even more determined.  I assumed that I was going to walk up that back deck and in.  Um, no. As I got closer I saw that I had to go down these stairs to the basement and once there I had to ring a doorbell.  Lucky for me Jason got nervous and followed me down.  The man was very nice and we left $200 poorer.  You just never know what places you will find to spend your money 😉  (we bought Gage’s birthday present – a Thomas Lionel train set, plus some other cute train stuff)

We spent the night in Syracuse and went to Destiny USA , which was awesome.  It was an incredible place to spend time, a mall/movie theater/entertainment experience.  Jason raced a car and we went to Wonder Works (LOVED) where I did fun thinks like get in a space shuttle and lie on a bed of nails.


The next day we arrived in Burlington and enjoyed finding the Earth Clock without a map (hey, it was at least a few miles from the hotel)

earth clockBy the time we got there the sun was setting over Lake Champlain and there were a few people there talking about gods and goddesses. When they started beating the drums they brought from home we decided to try to find the hotel again.  We enjoyed our few days in Burlington, great city that I’d visit again.

On our 15th anniversary we headed to Stowe, but with two quick stops. One at the Ben & Jerry’s factory where we took the tour (I am a loyal fan now. They are doing it the right way).


Then we stopped at the once home, but now hotel of the real von Trapp family.  The family still owns the inn and they are also starting a beer label. There were no tours but we walked around and visited the gift shop.  That was cool enough for me since I can’t count the times I’ve seen  The Sound of Music.

IMG_3940von trappeThis was the view. Beautiful, right?  I need to watch the movie again!

Then we headed to the beautiful Stowe Mountain Lodge.  When we checked in and told them it was our anniversary we immediately got upgraded to a suite that was nicer than our first three apartments!  We loved our stay and felt very pampered.  They even had shuffleboard out back.  I was winning until I started talking smack and then Jason crushed me.


The hotel even provided babysitting so next time we can take Gage 🙂  We had a great trip and loved what we saw of Vermont, so relaxing and beautiful.

13 thoughts on “Our road trip to Vermont

  1. sandynawrot says:

    I’ve never been to Vermont, though it figures into some fantasies of mine since it was where J.C. Wyatt lived in Baby Boom! Trips without kids are essential to the mental health of parents 🙂

  2. Literary Feline says:

    So beautiful! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip, Stacy. My husband and I have yet to go away without Mouse, although my mom’s offered. I always have an excuse. LOL Maybe this coming year, when Maggie’s 3.

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