Being a mom on Mother’s Day

It ‘s almost hard to remember what my expectations were before becoming a mom.  I vaguely remember thinking that I knew it would be hard, but that I was obviously stronger than the normal woman and would handle it with ease.  I also remember that when I occasionally envisioned my small one that I pictured all of the sedate activities that I enjoyed, coloring, reading, games- you know, things that require  staying in one place for a period of time.  Oh, the joy of pregnancy, when all of these things were still possibilities 😉

I am not a baby person.  Before I was pregnant I often joked that if I could pop out a 4-year-old we would have had six kids.  In this, my expectations panned out.  I think that first year was just to test my toughness.  My toughness is still tested every day, but that first year was something I don’t think I could handle again and get my sanity back when it was over.  Even during these terrible twos, Gage makes me smile and laugh in amazement at his intelligence and personality.  Life as a mother gets better every day and I am so blessed.

I am not the mother I thought I would be, but I am the mother Gage has got and I am trying to be the best one I can.  He inspires me to be better.

Happy Mother’s Day, ladies.  I finally feel like I’m enjoying motherhood enough to appreciate the day 🙂  It’s easy when I have this face to kiss every morning…

IMG_1368IMG_1295IMG_1322IMG_1423IMG_1327These were all taken the last week.  Can you believe how big he’s getting?

18 thoughts on “Being a mom on Mother’s Day

  1. Beth Hoffman says:

    Wonderful post, Stacy. I am not a mom (except to furry kids), so I can’t begin to imagine how hard (and equally rewarding) motherhood must be.

    The pics of Gage are wonderful … What a smile!

  2. Sandy says:

    You pretty much summed it up! I was never a baby person either. Never babysat, didn’t really know what to do with one. Somehow I managed to get through both of mine (only 18 months apart if you can imagine – ack!). I am often not the mother I think I should be, but they don’t give you classes or a handbook to prepare you for each stage of their development. At least one that is realistic. Anyway, glad you enjoyed your day. Kiss those cheeks.

  3. Gage's Grandma says:

    The fact that it hasn’t been easy just goes to prove what a terrific mother you are. It has been amazing to watch as you’ve embraced motherhood. Gage is one lucky boy!

  4. jennygirl says:

    No I can not believe how big he is getting! Gage is adorable, and I’m sure he will be testing you the rest of his life. Isn’t that what kids are supposed to do? 🙂
    Giving and being your best is exactly what you are supposed to. You’re a spot on mum sweetie!

  5. thebumbles says:

    I miss you guys. So nice to stop by and get that reinforcement of my own feelings on motherhood. I can see the active chaos that sweetie of yours whips up just from the photos. I just know he and Sammy would be terrific playmates – while their moms would become fast friends hanging out together.

  6. Thoughts of Joy says:

    I love your honesty and candor. I’m sure your thoughts bring many other mothers a sense of peace knowing they are not alone. You are the best mom for Gage!!! Happy Belated Mother’s Day to you!

  7. Jenners says:

    I had the same “delusions” about motherhood you did when I was pregnant. It definitely isn’t an easy path but it can be very rewarding. It does get more fun when they get more interactive. I have to say that the first year kind of did me in and kept me with just the one kid. He is getting big … and it does get better as you go on. (Except when it doesn’t. But I’m sure you know that by now! )

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