Being a mom on Mother’s Day

It ‘s almost hard to remember what my expectations were before becoming a mom.  I vaguely remember thinking that I knew it would be hard, but that I was obviously stronger than the normal woman and would handle it with ease.  I also remember that when I occasionally envisioned my small one that I pictured all of the sedate activities that I enjoyed, coloring, reading, games- you know, things that require  staying in one place for a period of time.  Oh, the joy of pregnancy, when all of these things were still possibilities 😉

I am not a baby person.  Before I was pregnant I often joked that if I could pop out a 4-year-old we would have had six kids.  In this, my expectations panned out.  I think that first year was just to test my toughness.  My toughness is still tested every day, but that first year was something I don’t think I could handle again and get my sanity back when it was over.  Even during these terrible twos, Gage makes me smile and laugh in amazement at his intelligence and personality.  Life as a mother gets better every day and I am so blessed.

I am not the mother I thought I would be, but I am the mother Gage has got and I am trying to be the best one I can.  He inspires me to be better.

Happy Mother’s Day, ladies.  I finally feel like I’m enjoying motherhood enough to appreciate the day 🙂  It’s easy when I have this face to kiss every morning…

IMG_1368IMG_1295IMG_1322IMG_1423IMG_1327These were all taken the last week.  Can you believe how big he’s getting?