AFI’s Top 100 Movies

Way back when, let’s say 1998, AFI (American Film Institute) put out a list of the best 100 movies of the last 100 years.  Jason and I worked our way through the list and ranked them to our own liking.  The original list is here.  Here’s how our top rankings came out…(notice how mine trended toward the romantic, well, except for that really bloody one)

AFI                                     Stacy                                Jason

1.Citizen Kane                 It’s a Wonderful Life      It’s a Wonderful Life

2.Casablanca                   Platoon                             Forest Gump

3.The Godfather             Gone with the Wind       Platoon

4.Gone with the Wind   The Philadelphia Story  Casablanca

5.Lawrence of Arabia    The Sound of Music        The Best Years of Our Lives

It’s thanks to working our way through the list (even rewatching ones we’d seen) that I discovered some old gems that I wouldn’t have discovered before, like Yankee Doodle Dandy that I posted about a few weeks ago.  So, if you are looking to broaden your horizons or want to do something fun with your mate or friend I recommend trying it.  We had a lot of fun discussing the movie and then arguing over where each of us ranked it on our list, there were quite a few that we did not see eye to eye on (King Kong I’m looking at you).

They put out a new best 100 movies list in 2008 and added 23 new films.  We’ve seen 11 of them already, so we decided to start working our way through a new list and we chose AFI’s 100 Cheers (America’s Most Inspiring Movies).  We’ll only watch them if one of us has not seen it so I don’t know how many that will be yet.  Here’s the link to their movies lists if you want to take the plunge.