Lake View Cemetery with Gage

Lake View Cemetery is a destination location for anyone visiting the Cleveland area.  Its 105,000+ graves sit on 285 acres, with over 700 burials still taking place each year.  Founded in  1869 when Cleveland was still one of biggest cities in the country, it is home to many recognizable people.

President James Garfield has his own monument.  He and his wife are entombed in the basement and the second story deck offers a geat view of the city.  You can see downtown in the middle and Lake Erie on the right.







Another notable is John D Rockefeller.   His monument is made of one piece of granite, the largest piece ever quarried for memorialization purposes.  His grave is directly in front of the memorial and his family is buried in a circle around the monument.











There are many other notables buried here, Eliot Ness, Harvey Pekar, Charles Chesnutt to name a few.  I consider this a must see for anyone in the northeast Ohio area.  If  you are a history buff or a cemetery enthusiast you could spend days walking around this beautiful, park-like cemetery.

Lake View Cemetery website here.


13 thoughts on “Lake View Cemetery with Gage

  1. Stephanie D. says:

    Oooh, I wish I could have visited this when I was in Ohio recently! But I had so little time and I was based in Cincinnati 😦

  2. jennygirl says:

    Beautiful! My Aunt lives next to a cemetery that is beautiful as well. They don’t make them like this anymore, that’s for sure. touching tribute to the deceased.

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