Mom Quiz

I know I should have been together enough to get this up last week, but that didn’t happen so here it is a little late. These are noteworthy mothers, good and bad.  I’ll take the name of the mom or the book/movie.

You have until noon Sunday to submit your answers as a comment.  Comment will be hidden until I post the answers.  No Googling!

This round will last til August.  The person with the most points will win a B&N gift card (total $ based on # of total participants, so please play) and a randomly selected participant will win a fun prize from me.

Have fun and Good Luck!  Last week’s Boggle Quiz here.  Leaderboard and rules here.

1. It couldn’t have been easy raising seven red-headed kids with little money and it got a whole lot tougher when you take in a son’s BFF, one with a shocking tattoo no less, and love him like your own.

2. The prairie was a wonderful place to raise four children, especially one precocious pig-tailed girl who went on to write about her childhood.


4. This was one tough chick.  She had to fight to stay alive so that one day in the future her son could save mankind.  Good thing she was so buff.

5. This mother had to wear her shame for life after bearing an illegitimate daughter.

6. Having to choose which child will live and which will die is enough to drive this mother into a dangerous depression.



9. The original mom who was a temptress with an apple.

10. This saintly mother of four daughters endures hardship and still inspires.