Tantrums with Gage

I like to keep Sundays with Gage on the light side, at least for Gage, but we have reached the all important milestone of tantrums.  Did I say no?  Tantrum.  Do we have to leave the swings after 40 minutes? Big-time tantrum.  My favorite is the I’m going to hang out between your legs until you pick me up move that he’s perfecting.  Picking him up usually does the trick.  Unless it’s the swings, there’s nothing to be done for that.

Gage was having a grumpy morning so we took him out to the park and then outlet mall where they have lots of ducks and kiddy rides.











This seemed like a great idea until after each thing was done.  It was like we flipped a switch and ended up with this…

I thought it was a bit early for tantrums, but from looking around at other mom sites I see that I am not alone in this 18 month old clingy/tantrum period.  That helps, but seeing that it might last for awhile has me calling in reinforcements.

I’m asking all you moms or kid lovers out there for some good tantrum advice.  What worked for you?