My Ohio author tour

Last week I posted about the Ohioana Book Festival and it has inspired me to spend the rest of this month and June reading Ohio authors.  Maybe it will last longer I don’t know, there are so many authors to choose from.  Although Ohio has a rich history of renowned authors I think I’m going to focus on author’s still writing today.  I’m hoping to discover a few new faces.  I think this could be a good challenge for any of you wanting to discover your home states and invite you to join me.

A few authors I’ll be reading…

Regina Brett (newspaper columnist and Pulitzer Prize finalist)

Les Roberts (a Cleveland transplant.  Love his Milan mystery series)

Carrie Bebris (a festival discovery)

Susan Gee Heino (another festival discovery who writes historical romances)

Julie Anne Lindsey (a self-published festival discovery whose title and cover made me buy her book)

Thrity Umrigar (Another Cleveland transplant who I met at a book signing)

Bob Adamov (writes a series of books about Put-in-Bay, the island next to the one we spent a week at every year)

Karen Harper, Casey Daniels…

I really don’t think I’ll be able to read all of these by the end of June, but I can hope!  Or maybe I’ll find even more authors I have to read and continue all summer 🙂

6 thoughts on “My Ohio author tour

  1. jennygirl says:

    Excellent idea Stacy. Brings you closer to your state and heritage, I think. Even if some are transplants. Les Roberts sounds familiar to me, so looking forward to his books.

  2. Stephanie D. says:

    What a great idea to support your local talent! I went to Ohio for the first time in March and found everyone to be very friendly; I wish I could have stayed longer.

  3. boardinginmyforties says:

    I look forward to hearing more about these Ohio authors and their books that you read! Have fun!

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