Words with Gage

Gage had a few words at 14 months and a few more at 15 months, Up, No, Uh-Oh, Pop and Wow being his go-to words.  Now he’s a big boy at 16 months and new words are coming more frequently.  His favorite word this month is That and he uses it ALL THE TIME.  The pointer comes out and he wants to know what everything is.  Sometimes it’s a blank wall and sometimes it’s the 15th time I’ve said sock that day.  Either way it’s nice to hear him use words even if we’re not exactly having a conversation.

So, what’s the danger of this explosion of new words?  Well, they aren’t exactly perfected quite yet and by far the most embarrassing is Gage’s love for clocks.  He tries to say it, he does say it, quite a bit.  Loudly and in public and without an important letter.  There’s no l in his clock yet and both Jason and I have had to laugh when people look at Gage as he yells his mispronounced word. I am sure they are asking themselves why we would use such language in front of our kid.

I know this is just the beginning of embarrassing things Gage will say and I’m looking forward to it.  Now that he’s repeating words I’m really going to have to watch what I say!

His other new words this week are Cracker, Cookie, and Dog.  But just today he started saying Ball with his friend, Brooke.

And he just said Car for Daddy. I wonder what his next word will be?

17 thoughts on “Words with Gage

  1. Staci@Life in the Thumb says:

    buy….along with buy car! I love it….what a great word for him to yell out in public!! People will just have to learn to lighten up some! I like kathy’s comment. You need to get him a small South Carolina wardrobe and have him wear it until he either puts the l in the word or moves on to boobies!!

  2. Jenners says:

    Oh that is too funny about clock! Isn’t it hilarious when they start to talk … but also maddening! Before you know it, everyone will be able to understand him — not just you!

  3. Mary says:

    That’s so funny about ‘clock’! I remember taking one of my kids to a mall in winter so I could take her for a walk in the stroller. She would look at any grown man, point at him and shout “Daddy!” You can only imagine 😀

  4. JoAnn says:

    So funny! My oldest daughter had trouble with r’s around that age. One time we were in McDonald’s and she wanted a fork… started screaming pretty loudly for one. You can only imagine the looks we got. I was mortified!

  5. BookQuoter says:

    I always recommend journaling these snippets (wish I did) and what better way than this blog, everyone gets to share the happy moments. Thanks.

    I love, love listening to toddler talk, especially their early attempts to pronounce words. I find it so fascinating.My favorite is ‘gibberish’ when they just go on and on… happily conversing nonsense. So adorable.

  6. Caspette says:

    Oh the fun starts now! as bad as the embarrissing mispronounced words is when they refuse to do it on command. For months J would say nanna clearly and repitively when at home but do you think we could get him to say if for nanna in her presence heck no. Gosh cant believe he is now starting to talk!

  7. carol says:

    Isn’t it fun hearing his vocabulary expand? That’s so funny about clock. I don’t actually remember what embarrassing things my daughter said at the age, although I’m sure there were plenty. Oh, wait, I do remember. She barked- a lot. Everywhere.

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