A Day Late and a Dollar Short Quiz – guessing closed

See if you can tell me the name of the book or movie described below.  10 points for each correct answer and an extra 10 if you tell me the theme of the quiz.

You have until noon Saturday to submit your answers as a comment.  Comment will be hidden until I post the answers.  No Googling!

This round starts today and will last til the end of March and the person with the most points will win a B&N gift card (total $ based on # of total participants, so please play) and a randomly selected participant will win a fun prize from me.

Have fun and Good Luck!

1.  The Iron Giant (1999)

2. Barbara Hambly wrote this novel about the mothers of the men who founded America.  Patriot Hearts:A Novel of the Founding Fathers

3.  Patriot Games

4. The fourth book in Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Shadow series.  Shadow of the Giant

5.  The Patriot

6. So James meets up with these insects in a piece of fruit…  James & the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

7. This is the first in Ken Follett’s new Century trilogy.  Fall of Giants

8. Truly’s story of life in Aberdeen is heartbreaking.  The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker

9.  Little Giants

10. This is the most recent thriller in Dale Brown’s Patrick McLanahan series.  A Time for Patriots

Theme – Super Bowl teams  (Everyone gets credit for 10 since I had the author as Dan Brown for awhile (thanks for the heads up, Kay) and credit for #4 since I left out an important word!  Sorry about the goofs.)

Leaderboard here.  Last Week’s Boggle Quiz here (won’t have this quiz scored until later today)