Big Boggle Quiz

Do you remember Boggle? I went out to buy the game and discovered Big Boggle, who knew?  Here’s how to play…Words are formed from adjoining letters.  (You may not skip over letters) Letters must be in the proper sequence to spell a word.  They may join horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to the left, right or up-and-down.  No letter cube may be used more than once in a single word.

No proper nouns, abbreviations, contradictions, hyphenated or foreign words.

Scoring-Make up to 25 words with at least 3 letters.  If someone else makes the same word you will still get one point.  If you are the only one to find a word you will score how many letters are in that word.

Bonus-There is an author’s name (first and last name connected).  Find it for 25 points.

I love Boggle and have already made my list of 25 words (I admit, I mainly went for the big ones).  The more people who play the more fun it is.  Spread the word 🙂

Still not sure how to play? watch this video