Today begins year 5!

On January 7, 2008, I started this blog as a way to keep track of what I was reading and after four years I’ve reviewed every book I’ve read.  That’s 382 books.  As I look at that number and then check my 5 star ratings I see that I’m terribly stingy, only 14 of those reviews earned a 5 star rating.

I’ve enjoyed blogging and like the creative aspect as well as the community of book lovers I come in contact with every day.  I love doing my weekly quizzes (but I’m always hoping more people will participate) and talking about movies.  I plan on doing a few new things with movies this year that I’m excited about.

Blogging used to be something that I could spend hours a day doing, writing and visiting other blogs, but with the arrival of Gage in October 2010 that is no longer a luxury I have. Last fall I had to seriously clean out my Google Reader.  I felt bad eliminating some blogs that I loved, but I had to make time for the people who actual comment or email me directly.  This has helped, although I’m always weeks behind with some of you.  I only have and hour or so a night so sacrifices must be made.  This is the year that I plan to start replying to comments.  I have been hit or miss on this in the past, but it’s a new goal.

The popularity of Sundays with Gage has been a nice surprise for me.  I’m a fairly private person – I hate airing dirty laundry and such, but it’s been refreshing for me to share some of my thoughts on motherhood and have you share yours.  I plan to continue because you seem like it and so do I!  When Gage tells me to stop embarrassing him, I will 🙂


I hope that my loyal blogging buddies and new ones alike will stick around this year.  I’m feeling like I’ve still got more to say.  I am inspired everyday when I open up my Google Reader and see what you very smart readers have to say.  Thanks for making me smarter.

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*the change is format is just for today, I think.