2012 with Gage

We spent a week away from home for Christmas and we had lots of fun, but we are glad to be home!  We spent most of our time in the Columbus area with my family and then headed up to Michigan (Flushing & Livonia) to visit Jason’s parents.  Jason’s dad was hoping to take him sledding, but with only a dusting of snow this is as close as they got 🙂

Here are Gage’s top 11 Accomplishments of 2011…1. Smiling  2. Laughing  3. Crawling  4. Walking  5. Clapping  6. Dancing  7. Pointing at everything!  8. Waving Hi  9. A mouthful of teeth (he’s got 16 out of 20 and I am positive at least one more will showing up in the next few days)  10. Saying a few words.  He says Up, Hello when he picks up a fake phone (although it’s very British sounding) and Meow (often missing the M).

and most importantly 11. Survived 5 visits to the ER.  The first 3 last February culminating in his scary hospital stay.  Another in July when he got sick after eating cheese cracker.  And the week before Christmas he fell into the metal part of a day bed…

You can see the bump on his forehead.  Doctor told me he was all boy and likely to have more accidents such as this one. Oh, the joy.

On to the 12 things we  are looking forward to in 2012…1. Swim lessons  2. Napping in his own bed  3. Day care a few hours a week  4. Brushing his own teeth.  5. Playing ball with daddy  6. Jumping  7. Washing Hands  8. Using a spoon  9. Getting all his teeth so we can be done with this teething thing.  10. Making new friends  11. Hopefully drinking milk and eating cheese (we’ll be trying again at 18 months)  and…12. Reading and reviewing more books 🙂

We hope everyone has a fantastically happy 2012!