2012 with Gage

We spent a week away from home for Christmas and we had lots of fun, but we are glad to be home!  We spent most of our time in the Columbus area with my family and then headed up to Michigan (Flushing & Livonia) to visit Jason’s parents.  Jason’s dad was hoping to take him sledding, but with only a dusting of snow this is as close as they got 🙂

Here are Gage’s top 11 Accomplishments of 2011…1. Smiling  2. Laughing  3. Crawling  4. Walking  5. Clapping  6. Dancing  7. Pointing at everything!  8. Waving Hi  9. A mouthful of teeth (he’s got 16 out of 20 and I am positive at least one more will showing up in the next few days)  10. Saying a few words.  He says Up, Hello when he picks up a fake phone (although it’s very British sounding) and Meow (often missing the M).

and most importantly 11. Survived 5 visits to the ER.  The first 3 last February culminating in his scary hospital stay.  Another in July when he got sick after eating cheese cracker.  And the week before Christmas he fell into the metal part of a day bed…

You can see the bump on his forehead.  Doctor told me he was all boy and likely to have more accidents such as this one. Oh, the joy.

On to the 12 things we  are looking forward to in 2012…1. Swim lessons  2. Napping in his own bed  3. Day care a few hours a week  4. Brushing his own teeth.  5. Playing ball with daddy  6. Jumping  7. Washing Hands  8. Using a spoon  9. Getting all his teeth so we can be done with this teething thing.  10. Making new friends  11. Hopefully drinking milk and eating cheese (we’ll be trying again at 18 months)  and…12. Reading and reviewing more books 🙂

We hope everyone has a fantastically happy 2012!

49 thoughts on “2012 with Gage

  1. Wrighty says:

    How sweet!! Isn’t it amazing how much they accomplish in their first year? Parenthood is so wonderful and so scary sometimes. Having raised three boys ages 23, 21 & 18, I can tell you that Gage’s bumps and tumbles are far from over! (As noted by my oldest breaking his leg this week.) You never quite get used to it but you learn to cope and do the best you can. And remember to keep having fun! He’s a beautiful little boy who looks very happy. You did that! Congrats on 2011 and best wishes and good health for 2012! 🙂

  2. Kay says:

    Stacy, I have loved spending 2011 with Gage. He’s such a cutie. All boy indeed.

    Thanks so much for the card. Your encouragement was very sweet and appreciated. Happy New Year to you and Jason and Gage. Hope you get more snow for the sledding. Hope we get no snow because it’s just not right. LOL

    I’ve returned to the blogging world with a new name and a new focus. And no formal book reviews. I will still be stopping by to do your quizzes (should you continue them) and will try to come up with more movie 5-word reviews. Hugs to you, girlfriend!

    • stacybuckeye says:

      I’m so glad that you’ve rejoined the blogging world, Kay! We were hoping you couldn’t stay away. Can’t wait to takea peek. I hope you don’t get any snow down there in Texas either!

  3. Bonnie says:

    What a great post about Gage! He looks pretty happy in that sled! With the upcoming snow we will be having, he should have more opportunites in the snow!! Hoping that this year is a healthier one no ER visits:) I must have missed your post…is Gage allergic to dairy? My son had major food allergies at Gage’s age…I lived at Mustard Seed in those days. He still has some food allergies at 13…peanuts./tree nuts being the hardest to live with. Wishing you all the best in the coming year…this is the year that we WILL meet for lunch, coffee, a book signing 🙂

    • stacybuckeye says:

      We frequent Mustard Seed these days. We haven’t even tried nuts yet, but last time he had dairy he had a severe reaction. We’re going to try again in a few months. So, your son grew out of some of the allergies?
      I’m trying to get more organized this year and we definitely need to get together. Thrity Umrigar will be at the Eton B&N on the evening of January 10 of you’re interested in meeting me there…

  4. Heather says:

    So cute! I’ve so enjoyed your posts on Gage! Thanks for sharing all his accomplishments and how it is to be a mother. It’s tough stuff but so rewarding! Here’s to a great 2012!

  5. Kathleen says:

    Youve got so many great things to look forward to with Gage in 2012! It is great that you are enjoying everything with him. The time goes by so quickly so savor every second! Mine is graduating from high school this year and I swear it seems like just yesterday that he was toddling around the house!

  6. gautami tripathy says:

    You will so many milestones for Gage! What fun! Children bring us so mach happiness.

    I wish you all a Very Happy New Year 2012. Filled with love, laughter, reading and everything that counts in life.


  7. Trish says:

    This post made me smile. Until I read the part about 16 out of 20 teeth. We’re only on #3! Sad.

    So glad that you guys had a wonderful Christmas and I can’t wait to see more. So glad you’re continuing with your Sundays with Gage posts.

  8. Stacijoreads@gmail.com says:

    Oh my, he gets cuter every day! The doctor is right, he’s all boy and will have many more bumps. Our boys were so bad that we just rolled with it and had them smile every time we documented a new ouchie!

    Happy New Year!

  9. Jenners says:

    Isn’t it amazing how much babies can accomplish in a year? It makes the rest of us look like slackers! And good luck on the whole “brushing his own teeth.” My son didn’t master that until he was 5 or so!!!

  10. Stephanie D. says:

    Gage is more accomplished than I in 2011, for sure! I feel like a slacker. No significant milestones for me. But I hope that 2012 brings many more happy accomplishments for all of you.

  11. Amy says:

    Gage is adorable, Stacy! And he doesn’t seem to mind the bump on his head at all! Love your list of all Gage’s accomplishments in 2011…he certainly made 2011 an eventful and wonderful year for you!
    Great list of things you’re both looking forward to in 2012.

    I received the Michael Dorris book, thank you and absolutely loved your Christmas card with Gage’s photo – Thank you!
    I’m happy you had a wonderful Christmas, Happy New Year and best wishes to you and your family for a fantastic 2012!

  12. Caspette says:

    Well done Gage! What a big year you have had. Year 2 is just as crazy for development.

    Reading and reviewing gets easier the older they get so you should be able to hit that resolution 🙂

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  13. Bumbles says:

    Yahoo for continued Gage posts! They bring us a big smile each week. You should post a video so we can hear his laugh and voice. I’m very proud of your little guy – and of you too. Here’s to lots of learning in 2012!

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