Pretty in Ink, by Karen E. Olson

Pretty in Ink (Tattoo Shop Series #2)Finished 1-6-12, rating 4.25/5, mystery, 299 pages, pub. 2010

Book 2 of the Tatoo Shop Mystery series (Book 1)

Vegas tattoo artist and shop owner Brett is back!  She and her co-workers ink drag queens for a new show and on opening night one of them ends up dead.  Brett saw the killer and finds herself once again in the crosshairs of some dangerous dudes.  That doesn’t mean that there isn’t time to meet some hunky guy, but when that hunky guy is observing you for ricin poisoning it does take some of the romance out of it.

I loved the first book so much and this has the same fast pace, strong heroine, and complicated yet compelling mystery.  I couldn’t figure out who was killing people or harassing Brett, but that was almost beside the point.  I just loved hanging out with her and her friends for a few days.

I am a little worried about Brett, though.  I mentioned after I read the first book that I am not a huge fan of tattoos.  Between the last book and this one Brett has acquired quite a bit of ink.  She has Napoleon on her leg!  I mean really, that is not something I like to picture when reading.  And if you are uncomfortable with drag queens, be prepared to be uncomfortable, there are lots of them.  I don’t know any drag queens so some of it I found interesting and some of it seemed a little creepy (like those babies in the E-Trade commercials – they creep me out too).  I’m pretty sure if I ever had a friend who dressed in drag or met a baby who traded stock during nap time I would embrace both.

Anyway, I loved the book and can’t wait to read the next one.

This book is from my personal library.

22 thoughts on “Pretty in Ink, by Karen E. Olson

      • Karen Olson says:

        The Napoleon tattoo is near and dear to Brett’s heart, since the painting is by her favorite neoclassicist artist, Jaques Louis David. It’s a copy of the painting of him on his horse climbing the Alps. Look it up online. It’s very cool. Thanks much for the great review! I’m thrilled you’re loving my books!

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