My favorite high school movies

I read Carrie this week and it got me thinking about some of my favorite high school movies.  As a teen in the 80’s that decade is well-represented.

1. The Breakfast Club (1985)  I know this one is always showing up on this blog, but I can’t help it.  Here’s the post about why I love it so much.

2. Sixteen Candles (1984)  This one actually gets better with every viewing.  That whole movie is full of teen insecurity.  Here’s the post about why I love it so much.

3. the Harry Potter movies (2001-2011)  Can you imagine attending Hogwarts?  I think the fact that we all can proves how spectacular this series is.  While I liked the books better, each movie has gotten better and now I love the movies too.  I think The Goblet of Fire (2005) was my favorite onscreen.

4. Grease (1978) I can sing every song in this musical.  I had a hard time believing that any of the cast was young enough to be in high school, but it was great fun anyway.

5. Mean Girls (2004) This is a great movie about, what else, how mean teen girls can be to each other.  This is probably the last time I actually enjoyed watching Lindsay Lohan onscreen.

6. The Karate Kid (1984) I love this story of the new kid on the block who did nothing wrong but talk to the wrong girl.  He overcame bullying by beating them at their own game.

7. Pretty in Pink (1986) Aw, Duckie.  Who didn’t love Duckie in this love story about a ‘richie’ falling for a poor girl.  Their prom certainly beats the one Carrie had!

8. Dead Poet’s Society (1989) Teaching boys raised to appreciate their priveleged status a different way to look at life is at the heart of this movie that requires at least one tissue.

9. Bring It On (2000) Do not ask me why I love this cheesy movie because I do not know.  I was not a cheerleader nor did I ever have a desire to be. It’s a mystery, but I really liked it.

10. Heathers (1989) I haven’t seen this one in forever and really need to watch it again.  I remember the bitchiness and the angst and the wit.  Loved it.

11. Election (1999) This dark comedy was a great story about an overachiever going too far and her teacher going even further.  Great stuff.

12. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) I didn’t fall in love when I saw this the first time in high school, but each viewing makes me appreciate it more.

11 thoughts on “My favorite high school movies

  1. Misha says:

    Dead Poet’s Society is one of my all-time favorites. I cry every time I watch it lol.
    And I LOVE The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and Heathers. I think the last part of the HP movies was the best!

  2. Heather says:

    I’ve seen all of these except election and Heathers. I just added them to my queue! I love the rest of these. Bring It On! I know what you mean! I never thought it would be so enjoyable. Pretty in Pink. I think it’s hilarious that Molly Ringwald convinced them rewrite the ending! Breakfast Club! Wow. The nostalgia. Great post and picks!

  3. Caspette says:

    I would agree with these as just high school movies, but all of these fall out of my actual high school years 🙂 I would add 10 things I hate about you.

    I also love Bring it on and the only conclusion i can come to are the awesome tunes and cherography.

    Im trying to remember what high school movies happened during my years at high school. I can only remember the stuff I wasnt really into like Scream and I know what you did last summer. OOOOOOO CLUELESS!!!! how could you miss that one? oh and Cruel Intentions.

  4. Staci says:

    I just watched Sixteen Candles not too long ago and still caught myself sighing at Jake!! Great list and I’m a huge fan of Hughes movies too!! 😀 And like you I really liked Bring It On but never was a cheerleader!! 😀

  5. christina says:

    Stacy we could totally have been great movie buddies!! Hope you and the fam are doing smurfy!

    (Oooh, and didn’t you get the goosebumps when the boys stand on the desktops and say “oh captain my captain” in DPS??)

  6. Debbie Rodgers says:

    I was a teenager in the sixties, but watched these movies with my daughter in the 80s.I have enjoyed most of these -but agree with Caspette that 10 Things I Hate About You should have made the list. Thanks for ememories!

  7. jennygirl says:

    This is a great list, and although not a highschool movie, I have to add The Goonies. One of my all time favs and seems to fall in line with the rest of those iconic 80s movies 🙂

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