Sundays with Gage – Can I see some ID, please?

Who says you have to be 21 to go bar hopping?  My cousin, Bill, turned 40 last week and his wife and parents threw him a surprise party at one of his favorite haunts, Weasel Boy Brewing Company in Zanesville.

Gage wasn’t a big fan. I think the live music was too loud for his little ears and all the people just made too much noise.  And the air conditioning was off, so it was hot.  We were in a big private room, but it was connected to the bar.

Gage toughed it out for an hour or so before he headed home with the grandparents so the parents could enjoy a little more time out.  We arrived home at 12:00 on the dot, so we made curfew 😉

Gage at his first bar and birthday party with Bill.

(and yes, Gage’s grandparents were against this being on Sundays with Gage)