Sundays with Gage – Photo Fun

Gage has had a good week.  He’s been acting like himself, fussiness and all, and I’ll take it!  He has a few more tests this week and then we may know more about what caused his hospital stay.  I’m praying they don’t find anything bad and can give him a clean bill of health.

Since my parents were up this week we decided to go to our local Portrait Innovations and have some family pics taken.  I am not happy with any of the ones I’m in, but I’ll share a few of the others…


So, at 4 months old you can see he’s not exactly smiling on demand!  And the fourth one is the last one and how we knew our time in front of the camera was done.  It was fun and I’m glad we have some fun photos of Gage and the family.

Hopefully next Sunday the post will be full of good health news for Gage.  Positive thoughts and prayers are appreciated 🙂