So What Can You Win By Guessing In My Quizzes?

I love my quiz feature and I love when people participate, even it it’s only a few times a round.  That’s why I give two prizes, one for the top scorer and one for a randomly chosen participant.  I would love to have even more people join in the fun so I’m upping the stakes a little.  This round for every participant I have (the last 2 rounds there have been 34 different players each time)  I will put in a $ for a B&N gift card or a Babies R Us gift card for the winner.  So, if have another 34 people play then the winner would get a $34 gift card.   Even of you play only once you are eligible to win the second prize (something special I pick out) and you will be adding money to the kitty for the winner.  

So, why not join in the fun.  And if you are already a regular tell a friend and make the prize worth more money 🙂  You can take a look at the Quizzes Leaderboard every week to see how much money winning is worth. 

If you want to jump in this first week you have until noon EST so jump in the fun!  Here’s this week’s Tuesday Quiz.  I do hide comments until I post the answers on Friday, so if your answers disappear that’s why.

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