Birthday, BIRTH DAY, Anniversary

Monday was my birthday.  Tomorrow is our 12 year anniversary.  And tonight we’re heading to the hospital so they can induce labor.  Say a little prayer for us. 

Details will come when they come 🙂

38 thoughts on “Birthday, BIRTH DAY, Anniversary

  1. Jenners says:

    Wow!!! I can’t believe it is time!!! Good luck to you! Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! And Happy Birthday to Your Little One!!!! I’m so excited for you!!!

  2. Wanda says:

    Wow, so this little one will be born on Mommy and Daddy’s Anniversary, that is so Kool and the Gang!
    “we’re gonna have a good time tonight
    let’s celebrate, it’s alright…baby”

  3. Margot says:

    I’m traveling so I am now three days behind in reading this post. I’m sure by now everything is fine but I’m still saying prayers and sending all of my best wishes to you and your whole family.

  4. Veens says:

    OMG!!! Stacy, I hope it goes well… i m praying for you and your baby !!!

    take care and please let us know 🙂

    Hapy B’day and Anniversary!

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