Sundays with Gage- The Chocolate Diet

I gained 45 pounds during my pregnancy and Gage was just over two weeks early so who knows how many more pounds I may have managed to pack on if we’d delivered on time?  My doctor told me to gain 25-30 pounds.  Whatever.  I knew that wasn’t going to happen and promised myself I wouldn’t obsess over it.  So I didn’t.  Here’s what I looked like a week and a half before Gage arrived.  My chin and neck had gone awol my ankles looked like thighs and I went from a size 7 shoe to an 8 1/2!  Yikes.  So when I got home from the hospital I was wondering what I would weigh.  I’d lost a lot of blood and other gunk during the c-section and Gage had been six pounds, so I was hoping for s significant loss.  I got on the scale five days after birth and…I lost six pounds.  What?!  Are you kidding me?  Needless to say I was disappointed, but I was recovering from days of being pumped full of drugs and a c-section so I had other things to worry about.  Oh yeah, and a newborn to feed, diaper, and love.

I gladly ate all of the chocolate that any friend brought me and went through more than one bag of Halloween candy bars and stepped on the scale two weeks after birth and…I’d lost 23 pounds!!  Soon after that my ankles showed themselves again and I can now fit into my pre-pregnancy shoes again.  I actually felt light enough on my feet to wear my 4 inch shoes on my date with Jason last weekend. 

I promised myself during pregnancy that I would join Weight Watchers Online come January to lose the baby weight and that’s still the plan, but until then bring on the chocolate, and mashed potatoes with gravy, and apple pie, and holiday cookies, and wine…

What to Expect When You’re Expecting, by Heidi Murkoff with Bonus Belly Shot :)

What to Expect When You're Expecting by Heidi Murkoff: Book CoverFinished 10-16-10, rating 4.5/5, pregnancy, revised pub. 2008

When I found out I was pregnant I made the decision to buy and read only one pregnancy book and this is the one I chose.  I’ve heard women complain about it being outdated or not detailed enough, but I found it to be very useful.  I did not read it cover to cover and the last section on things that could go wrong I didn’t read, although I did reference it early on when I was afraid I might be having trouble.  I felt like it gave me just enough information to feel comfortable, but not too much to cause increased worry, which is some thing I struggle with anyway.  I definitely have a worry gene and I hope I haven’t passed it on to Gage!

Not only does the book cover eating for two, but its week by week updates were so much fun to read with Jason every week.  It also helped for Jason to see some of my symptoms in print so he didn’t think I was making them up 🙂  As a first time mom who has spent very little time around pregnant women I thought this book was a wonderful resource and I would recommend it.

As a bonus I thought I’d share the last picture we took of me ‘expecting’.  We took this Saturday afternoon and I went to the hospital later that evening.  I gained 45 pounds during my pregnancy.  Hard to believe I gained all that belly for a 6 pound little guy!

This book was from my personal library.

So, just how cool are book bloggers?

Take a look at this…

So, just how cool are book bloggers?  Crazy cool!  Last week I pulled a small package from the mailbox and didn’t recognize the return address, although it looked familiar, and rushed inside to open it up and found this beautiful sweater for Baby Gage or Baby Tara.  It was knit by the wonderfully talented Jenny from Jenny Loves to Read.  Her kindness brought tears to my eyes and I can’t thank her enough for the time she devoted to our Little One.  Jenny is awesome and if you aren’t already familiar with her, you should check out her blog.  Thanks so much, Jenny!

I cheered for the readers of the read-a-thon yesterday and was sad that I didn’t get to participate myself.  My parents were in town to help celebrate my birthday.  It’s not until tomorrow, but I like it when the birthday celebration is  drawn out 🙂  Jason took the day off tomorrow and we are going to a continuing education lecture day.  Two of my favorite topics will be discussed – politics and books.  More details tomorrow if I think it’s interesting enough. 

Yes, that belly is 3 1/2 weeks from it’s due date 🙂

Less than six weeks to go

 Jason went white water rafting in West Virginia for 4 days and my Mom came up to hang out with me while he was gone.  She was lucky enough to be here when the club I’ve been a member of for 8 years threw me a shower.  Well it was really my friend Jean hosting and Shandra helping her out.  In addition to the shower we did fun things like a luncheon with the club, book shopping, showing my Mom where the hospital was, going out for hot fudge sudaes at 10:30 pm, and a nap everyday!  Not bad, right?

Thought I’d share the latest big belly pic at the shower. I’m with my friend Karen.

I’m looking forward to getting my chin back 😉

*Can anyone see this?  I’ve tried to get the pic on here a few ways and am not sure any of them have worked.

A few pics from the baby shower

I had a wonderful day yesterday at my family baby shower!  I am truly blessed with the best family and I am forever thankful.  My Aunt Mary Jane opened up her home and provided a very yummy spread.  My cousin Jill provided a few games, including this one…

She melted six different candy bars in diapers and we had to guess what they were.  I only guessed two correctly.

My very talented cousin, Amy, usually gets paid to make these cakes, but I got this one just cause she loves me 🙂

This was the gift that freaked me out the most.  Do you see how small these are?!  Adorable.  Please note the 7+ month baby belly.

Most of my haul for the day.  These next few pics are taken in the baby’s room so you can see the two colors on the walls.

Here are my bookish gifts.  The Raggedy Ann blanket was made for me by a family friend for me as a baby and my Mom included the photos of me with the blanket while  I was still in the hospital. 

I also received  some very cute baby outfits already hanging in the closet, a few personal items for me, and gift cards, of course!  After the girl fun the men came out and we grilled and hung out and enjoyed the evening.  My swollen still have not recovered.

An award and fun Mommy blog

These past few weeks have been very busy and I’m not sure that’s going to change for a while.  Today is my family baby shower, so I’m on my way home (a few hours south) to celebrate with the women who have known me all my life, lots of them have known me since my Mom’s baby shower!  Anyway, I’m looking forward to the girl time before the men all come out and join us for a barbecue.  A long, good day ahead. 

You all know I am a reader, but I consciously made the decision to not read pregnancy books.  I have the What to Expect book and read it as I progress through the stages, but I know so many friends who have become obsessed with books that tell them how to have the best pregnancy.  I’m all for a great pregnancy, I’ve been following the doctor’s orders (ok, ok, except for the weight part :)) and have felt pretty good.  And the best part for a worrier like me?  By not reading all of the ways that I could ruin the baby before he or she draws a breath or all the things that could go wrong I have had a relatively stress-free pregnancy so far.  I mean women have been doing this for quite a while and somehow the human race has flourished so I think my body knows what to do.

So, I haven’t really been seeking out baby reading yet, but I found Constance Marie’s blog by accident and have fallen in love.  She is an actress, most recently known as George Lopez’s wife on his sitcom.  She has a 15 month old daughter and posts candidly on her difficulties in conceiving to Mom groups to getting your body back.  The post I found most helpful was greening your nursery.  Did you know that all cribs in major department stores come from China and are sprayed with pesticide?  The baby does put that wood in his or mouth!  Anyway, the information is good and her writing style is engaging and full of personality.  If you are pregnant or have a baby I think you’ll love her perspective.  Here’s the link.

On to a non-baby related topic, I want to thank Trisha (Eclectic/Eccentric) for this cheery award.  I’m supposed to write 10 things that make me happy, and then pass the award on to ten other bloggers.  Here goes…

1. Eating for two 2. Books 3. Friends 4. Family 5. Autumn 6. Walks 7. Keeping busy 8. Ohio State football (first game Thursday) 9. My hubby and daddy-to-be 10. Blogger friends who take the time to read my posts, especially the ones I know by name because they leave comments or send sweet emails.

I’m not passing this on to 10 people, but I’ll encourage you all to check out Constance’s blog and see if you find it refreshing too.

Baby-To-Be Update

On Friday Jason and I were able to see our 6-inch baby on the big screen and he or she was the cutest thing ever 🙂  Everything looked good.  We had the chance to find out if it was a boy or girl, but where is the fun in that?  We’re looking forward to our early November surprise.  Yesterday we narrowed our possible boy names to seven, which is still a lot, but we have a few months to work on it.  Today we’ll do the same with the girl names.  So, this is your last chance to get your name of choice on the record 😉  Wanda gave me a wonderful idea when I originally posted the pregnancy news about combining family names and I think we may end up doing that for a middle name if it’s a girl.  Thanks, Wanda!

This week I’ve felt it kick for the first time 🙂  On the flip side, I’m still getting sick a few days a week.  But my good days are better and my tummy is getting bigger every day, so things seem to be progressing as they should.

Because of my age they did want me to do an amnio, but we chose not to.  We did the early high risk testing and found it a little stressful and, honestly, not that useful.  Given the choice again we would not do it.  I’m only mentioning it because I wish I’d heard from someone that it’s okay to skip it instead of just listening to the doctor.  It’s your choice, not his.

I’ll hit the halfway point this week, so it’s time to start planning.  I’ve got some good ideas for a book themed nursery, but am welcome to more ideas for that too.